Pulp Enraged Mummy

Pulp Mummy This gentleman is meant to be a surprise guest in my Pulp .45 Adventures campaign, but as all the players involved are expecting an enraged mummy to appear at some point I might as well post him up!

He is of course a Games Workshop Tomb King figure, although the blade on his weapon has been reduced to a sensible size. I enjoy painting warm gold tones so he pretty much got a blanket gold treatment for his armor, instead of the more complex cobalt paneling you see painted on the GW sales demo figure. Frankly my life is too short to paint to that level of detail.

I quite like the figure too. The pointed claw makes him an ideal Pulp monster. I imagine he’s shouting something like ‘Hey you! Yeah you! PUT that mortuary urn DOWN – don’t make me come over there!’ but in Ancient Egyptian of course.

This is probably the clearest shot I’ve managed of a figure to date. I splashed out a whole $20nz and bought two cheap table lamps, fitted them with blue daylight bulbs and set them up like this tutorial suggests. I also used the camera’s flash and the end result is passable imho.

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