Space Hulk

Dustan's Space Hulk As a spotty youth I played a number of early Games Workshop successes, mostly Rogue Trader (aka 40k 1st Edition) and endless rounds of Talisman as well as one or two games of Space Hulk.

Alas these days only 40k is still in print, so when Dustan mentioned he’d put together a Space Hulk set I jumped at the chance to play it again! We had a game earlier this week and it was just as much fun as I remember, despite the fact my Genestealers failed to stop the Terminators from escaping the dank corridors…

Dustan mentioned there were numerous resources on the web for Space Hulk 1st and 2nd Edition. In particular the Board Game Geek Space Hulk entry includes a PDF file containing the 2nd Edition game tiles and counters as well as a handful of downloadable scenarios of unknown origin.

This Space Hulk fan site includes a lot of links and several older ‘resurrected’ SH sites, including The Space Hulk Bible which gives you the entire 1st Edition SH rules. The much simpler 2nd Edition rules are online too if you look carefully.

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