Pulp Egyptian Tomb

Egyptian Tomb My mini Pulp campaign is grinding to a close, largely due to GM exhaustion as I’m tired of writing and running scenarios rather than actually playing in them. I have a grand plan to publish the four scenarios I’ve used as a single PDF and hand that to somebody else in our gaming group to run so I can play it!

Anyway, for the closing scenario an Egyptian tomb is pretty much mandatory since I’ve already painted up the former occupant. Looking for a quick and dirty tomb that could be laid out in various patterns I scoured RPGNow for a cheap download, but couldn’t really find anything suitable.

Egyptian Tomb Layout So I simply cast the Hirst Arts Mold #203 (Cracked Floor Tiles) ten times and glued the resulting tiles down in various patterns on 3mm MDF. I considered creating low walls but didn’t bother in the end because it would require more casting, and walls would probably just get in the way during gaming. Having no walls also means the floor pieces can be freely laid out in any pattern.

Egyptian Tomb After quickly painting the tiles with interior house paints and brown shoe polish diluted with floor wax I’m reasonably happy with them. These shots show the pieces laid out in a small tomb, decorated with a doorway and some of the pieces I created for the Cairo Museum of Antiquities set. I think they should create a suitable tomb for my hapless adventurers to pillage, or attempt to pillage. I should also point out that the layout I’ve shown in the photos is likely to differ from the layout I actually end up using in a scenario guys!

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