Poll Roundup: Favourite Figure Scale?

This poll finished a while ago, but I completely forgot to post up the results! So here they are:

Your favourite figure scale?

  • 0% (0) Over 32mm?
  • 54% (55) 28-32mm?
  • 11% (11) 20-25mm?
  • 34% (34) 15mm-10mm?
  • 1% (1) Under 10mm?

Total Votes : 101

So no visitors favor painting 40mm/54mm scale figures? There’s some excellent examples for sale, like Hasslefree’s 40mm Artemis (she’s a naked warrior goddess so may not be safe for work), the new Femme Militant line (annoying Flash site though) and the failed Games Workshop Inquisitor 54mm. These GW figures tempted me, until they starting releasing the excellent 28mm Inquisitor retinue figures for 40k that is. I mean, why play Inquisitor with 54mm figures and a whole new set of terrain when I can just reuse my 28mm figures and existing terrain? Even so 54mm Inquisitor figures still crop up on TradeMe regularly and I’ve nearly grabbed one or two for display painting.

I myself am torn between the 28mm and 15mm scales. 28mm figures can have a lot of detail and be quite enjoyable to paint, but I’m such a slow painter because I like to try and achieve a reasonable paint job on each and every figure. For this reason alone I suspect I’m slowly swinging towards the 15mm camp, particularly after discovering how quickly one can paint an entire 1500pt WWII Flames of War force if you put your mind to it. This is the real reason both Flashpoint’s 17mm Moderns and Corvus Bellis’ 15mm Ancients attract me.

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