Poll Roundup: Favourite Gaming Genre?

Favourite gaming genre?

* 31% (41) – Fantasy
* 24% (32) – World Wars (I & II)
* 18% (24) – Science Fiction
* 5% (6) – Any Genre, added by visitor
* 5% (6) – Fantasy and Science Fiction, added by visitor
* 5% (7) – Steam Punk (PP), added by visitor
* 4% (5) – Near Future Sci-Fi/Ultra Modern, added by visitor
* 3% (4) – Ancient Historical (pre 1500s)
* 3% (4) – Modern Historical (post 1500s)
* 2% (3) – Modern (post WWII)

Total Votes : 132

Time I wrapped the last poll up I think, so here’s the results which probably simply reflects the way visitors actually find my blog. Initially I started blogging mainly about Mordheim (Fantasy) and these days I’m mainly yammering on about Flames of War (WWII) and Pulp Gaming in a sort of mid-World-War setting. On reflection Fantasy is probably always going to be the most popular gaming genre, simply because it’s the most familiar and flexible setting.

It’s nice to see some sensible visitor added ‘Any Genre’ to the poll and I can see their point. If the game is enjoyable enough to play the genre is secondary. Personally I’m not really tied to any genre either being more of a hobbyist and painter than a hard core gamer. I don’t know who added ‘Fantasy AND Science Fiction’, but that’s two genres – I guess they couldn’t pick a favourite!

Anyway, the next poll is a contentious question: White or black primer? Which do you use for your figures? I’ve been painting figures for almost 20 years (on and off) and have always used white primer except for one failed experiment where I black primed some GW Mordheim skaven and attempted to paint them. I find white priming gives you a good base to lay down colours prior to ink washing, whereas black priming tends to deaden colours and requires more effort to cover. However I do black prime all of my terrain, here black nicely hides scratch built details and gets into all those nooks and crannies your dry brushing won’t.

For my Flames of War armies I experimented with brown priming – GW’s Scorched Brown painted over a white primer. I would have used a brown spray primer if I could have found one! Brown priming turns out to be an excellent choice for painting 15mm North African troops because it gives you instant ‘blacklining’ with minimal effort.

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