1930’s 15mm Building Facade Mock Up

1930's 15mm Building Facade I created a set of simple resin 15mm window frames back in August that I intended to use for a 1930’s style 15mm building facade. Finally I’ve made some more progress on this project and last night whipped up a foam card mock up for scale testing. So here’s your chance to weigh in with an opinion before I commit to building the master from resin and Ultracal 30.

This first shot shows the building from a traditional ‘gamer’s eye’ view. I’ve also poked simple four paned windows into the facade. Obviously in the final building the decorative pillars will extend all the way across each floor. Pencil marking also indicate the areas I intend to build up with plasticard on the master.

1930's 15mm Building Facade The second shot is taken from a ‘model’s eye’ view to attempt to show the scale of Flames of War figures against the ground floor door and window. The ground floor is intended to represent a store frontage, so will have a single door and a large display window. On the master I need to build up a frame and lintel around both the door and shop window.

Once I have a couple of casts out of the mold I’ve yet to make I’ll build a corner building with some ruined wooden floors around the back, where the height of each floor is dictated by the location of the windows so figures can see and shoot out. I’ve stretched the floors slightly you should be able to move bases around in a building with a couple of floors modelled onto it.

1930's 15mm Building Facade This final shot shows the same facade, but with a different set of sash windows. To me the four pane windows give it a more European feel, while the sash windows make it look more American in general. Odd.

This building is roughly based on the Blacketts Building in Auckland’s Queen St. I notice a lot of these old buildings have a mix of window styles, with sash windows on the first floor just above the street awning, and sealed four pane windows higher up. I assume that’s because the first floor windows double as fire escapes! I’m tempted to go with the four paned windows for the first master because of the Euro feel mainly.

So! Any opinions? Does the scale look right to you? Which window style do you prefer? Any other comments about the style, or usefulness of the piece on a gaming table?

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