Adventures in Jimland!

One of the perks of running this blog is scouring the site logs to see who’s referring visitors here. I’ve discovered many interesting sites using this method and the latest to crop up is the “National Archaeological Geographic and Submarine Society” which appears to be the home of a game system called “Terra Incognita” based on an RPG system called “Fudge”. I must confess I’ve not heard of either before but they do look interesting.

The site also hosts “Adventures in Jimland” which is an entire, free game of exciting expeditionary exploration that can be played solo or with multiple players! The presentation is very bare bones and just seems to be crying out for some nice card or board art, but the game itself looks very amusing.

Addendum: I’ve since discovered you can download an older version of Fudge from the official site if you’re interested.

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