More Pulp Germans

Artizan Design 28mm DAK Germans I’ve painted up a couple more of my Artizan Designs DAK Germans to add to the collection. Here’s another Rifle carrying infantryman and a lucky Jerry with an MG34.

I always thought the 34 was called “Hitler’s Buzzsaw” but apparently that was actually the MG42 which came later. Who says you can’t learn anything from games!

I have two more DAK Germans to paint and that makes a seven man Rifle/MG squad. Plenty of the Fatherland’s finest for some Pulp gaming action in Egypt and North Africa I suspect! Although I am lacking a suitably menacing gentleman to mastermind the whole operation.

EBob Miniatures Opel Blitz Of course they need a ride too so I’ve finished assembling and priming my first EBob Miniatures 1/56th Opel Blitz. Here it is parked next to the MG34 chap.

I picked up some interesting weathering tips involving Marmite of all things in Issue #6 of Military Modelling International that I’m ready to try on this truck. There’s talk of a vehicle painting competition over on the Pityak forum which may inspire me to start applying paint!

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