Corvus Belli 15mm Romans

Covus Belli Romans' Over the holidays I’ve cleaned and based (with blu tack) my DBA Corvus Belli Romans, mainly because I was curious to see how they looked ranked up and compared with the Carthaginians. With six Blades, sundry support from Auxillaries and Psiloi they correspond to the DBA II/33 Polybian Roman list.

Covus Belli Romans' Although as I stated in the earlier post these figures aren’t historically accurate as the majority of them are wearing the wrong type of armor. I’m still wondering if I should fix this issue. It’ll cost me around $15 Australian plus shipping for some more figures from Olympian Games but to be honest I doubt these figures will ever leave my garage so it’s probably not worth bothering.

Covus Belli Romans' Anyway, the ranks of Roman infantry look quite imposing, if not a little slow considering there’s only two cavalry elements, one of which contains the general – so the most he’s ever likely to be doing is racing up and down the back of the ranks attempting to keep elements in command.

Covus Belli Romans' The figures are just as excellent as the Carthaginians, although I suspect they’ll be a little more monotonous to paint considering half the army is Blade elements. Countering that though is the Cavalry and Infantry command figures I purchased. They look like they’ll be great fun to paint with a Roman Eagle standard, a musician and a couple of gentlemen in fine breast plates. This pack of figures included a couple of slaves as well who I’ve left off the base. I’ll probably use them to represent a couple of camp followers once I get around to constructing an appropriate camp for the Roman army.

Over the Xmas break I also poured over the WADBAG Unofficial Guide to DBA with my trusty highlighter and now feel I at least have a tenuous grip on the rules. Fortunately as the Romans nor Carthaginians contain no war wagons, nor any elements capable of distant shooting there are some sections I can ignore to start with.

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