Even More Pulp Germans

Artizan Designs 28mm Germans I’ve painted up my last two Artizan Designs Germans to complete a fair sized squad of seven Germans armed with pistols, rifles, an MP40 and an MG34 for support. They’ll do nicely as Pulp villains, and the Amazing War Stories expansion to Pulp .45 Adventure includes rules for light and heavy machine guns too which is handy. These last gents got green service jackets for a little variety. One of them is the ammo carrier for the MG34 too.

Artizan Designs 28mm Germans Here’s a slightly blurry snap of the whole squad. I discovered after taking this shot that my son’s small hands have evidently been at the digital camera because the lens was covered with fingerprints!

Anyway, next on the Pulp agenda is either the Opel Blitz, the Baluchi Zombies or some of the Copplestone heroes I’ve based and primed.

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