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Mick, the owner of Scrap Dragon was good enough to leave a comment on the previous post about GW NZ Pricing. I’m repeating it here because I found it interesting.

We have been reading your comments with interest and we can assure you that Gamers in Australia have the same issues with GW retailing prices. However, to address several issues raised in this thread:

– We are currently looking into the services our website/shopping cart provider provides, so GST is automatically deducted for foreign sales. We have had issues in the past where non-residents have purchased products and wanted them delivered to an Australian address and they thought they did not have to pay GST.

– As Stu states we charge shipping costs via weight. Please keep in mind there can be some differences when comparing for example battlion boxes where there can be a difference in weight.

– We have been selling online (mainly ebay) for 5 years and have over 12,000 positive feedback comments. Our ebay user name is scrapdragonau.

– As for our pricing policy. We are able to offer a 20% discount as we are a home based business (no rent and no staff) and we keep a very close tight control on our stock levels. Our discount from GW Aust is a little more than stated above (not much though)

If you are after something which is not on our website please email us with the list and I can give you a price.

Also if anyone is interested I work less than 10 minutes away from the Gold Coast International Airport and pick ups are more than welcome if you are visiting Australia.

I’ll definitely be using Scrap Dragon for any future Games Workshop purchases and it’s nice to see they’ve been trading so successfully on eBay. Every web seller I’ve dealt with to date has resulted in a positive experience but it is always comforting to view a track record before making your first purchase.

It really is a pity I didn’t discover Scrap Dragon a couple of years ago!

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