1930’s 15mm Building Facade WIP

1930's 15mm Building Facade WIP Late last year I posted a mock up of a 15mm 1930’s building facade I was casting resin parts for. Over the Xmas/New Year break I’ve made a fair amount of progress on the actual master for this building, so here it is! It looks a bit patchy because like most masters it’s constructed from various materials.

The basic wall is a slab of Ultracal 30 that was cast from a simple plasticard mold with inserts for the window and door spaces. That was then tidied up with a little filing and the resin windows dropped in. The wall is in the process of being decorated with vertical columns and horizontal panels created from thin resin pieces. All of the windows, panels and columns also need to be patched with green stuff prior to molding and there’s several blue pencil lines that need to be replaced with plasticard detailing at the top.

The ground floor is intended to represent a shop door and display window. The window has an inset frame to hold a piece of clear plastic in place for window glass. I’d like to try using a technical pen to to apply some old fashioned pin striping to the window in a demo painted piece, but that might be a touch challenging in 15mm! I also need to master a suitable panelled wooden door for the building as well.

This whole facade will be molded and cast in Ultracal 30 as a single piece. The beauty of doing this is Ultracal is superb for applying ruin effects too. Bullet holes, blast marks and etching on exposed brick work will all be possible with a little work. I suspect in my early runs half of the casts will be used to make intact buildings, and half will be attacked with a hammer! It might be nice to try creating a pair of before and after buildings too.

I hope to have the facade finished and molded before January ends at which point it’ll go up on the order page and I’ll start painting several demo pieces.

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