Poll Roundup: Black or White Primer?

Black or White primer?

* 62% (73) – Black primer!
* 18% (21) – White primer!
* 19% (22) – Gray primer!
* 2% (2) – Some other colour?!

Total Votes : 118

Of all the random polls I’ve run on this blog, this one has been the first that totally defied my expectations. I’ve always used a white primer on figures, apart from one failed experiment with black priming GW Skaven several years ago. However it would seem I’m very clearly in the minority as almost two thirds of the poll respondents use a black primer.

I’ll admit a black primer is probably more forgiving during painting, allowing you to get away with a few crimes. I know this for a fact because I primed most of my Mordheim terrain to a solid black prior to drybrushing. Although I find a good ink wash after applying the base colours over a white prime has pretty much the same effect. I mainly prime white simply because it’s easier to cover with the base coat and gives most colours a nice ‘lift’.

To the black primers out there, do you find it difficult to get good coverage from your colours over black? Are you applying multiple coats of base colours to cover it? Here’s another question, if you’re currently black priming now, have you tried white priming in the past? Also, does anybody out there use black and white priming for different figures? A final priming question: I imagine the 19% of people priming gray are using cheap auto primer, but what on earth are the two visitors that answered ‘some other colour’ using?!

The next poll is a question I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to avoid:

How many unfinished armies do you own?

My current hall of shame goes like this:

  • 28mm GW Warhammer Fantasy
    • Vampire Counts
    • Orcs and Goblins
  • 28mm GW Warhammer 40k
    • Imperial Guard (only been 18 years now)
    • Nurgle Chaos
    • Tyranids
  • 15mm Flames of War
    • New Zealanders (almost finished, just some gun tractors and lorries to paint)
    • DAK Armored
  • 15mm Ancients
    • Romans
    • Carthaginians

Hence my plan to get more painting and less purchasing done in 2007!

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