Tabletop Terrain Pricing Changes

I have changed my pricing from NZ$ to US$ as almost every order I receive for my 15mm WWII terrain comes from International visitors. I hope using US$ will make it easier to understand our prices.

It also makes things easier for me, as I receive payment via PayPal in US$ anyway. Plus of course it means my sales are also less prone to the vagaries of International exchange rates.

I have also waived the minimum order restriction as it seems foolish for me to be declining sales because of order size.

Prices have been slightly tweaked to reflect the cost of materials and relative difficulty of casting some pieces, particularly the resin kits as the molds I use tend to have a limited life due to the harshness of polyurethane resin.

Finally I intend to release the 15mm 1930’s building facade for sale shortly (once I’ve built up stock). It will be available for $16US for a single large 15mm facade casting in Ultracal 30.

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