Jonathan’s 15mm Building WIP

Jonathan's Facade Terrain WIP As I mentioned in an earlier post, I handed Jonathan the first cast out of the 1930’s 15mm facade mold. Despite the fact it was a throw away piece, it’s nice to see he’s already well on the way to creating a ruined building for his Flames of War Germans.

Now I think about it I guess it’s fair he gets the first cast to play with since it was a forum conversation with him back in June last year that started the ball rolling on the building facade!

I’m looking forward to seeing his piece finished and painted. Of course I’ve started making my own facade terrain piece as well, although I’m shooting for an intact building complete with glass windows, a shop awning and a solid front door. I might have to do some research to come up with appropriate European signs as well.

Hopefully between the two of us we can create some nice demo pieces for the facade.

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