Imperial Guard Retrospective: Basilisk

This weekend I was messing around in the garage with my three year old son and on a whim I decided to show him the various figures I’ve painted over the years. We had a great time taking them out of their storage containers and ‘fighting’ them. He was fine with them once I explained I preferred it if he didn’t smash them together! I don’t think he knew I owned some painted figures, as he’s more used to seeing my paint station scattered with half assembled or white primed models.

Imperial Guard Basilisk I was pleasantly surprised to see how well some of the paint jobs have stood the test of time so decided to take some snaps now I own a decent digital camera. So here’s a bit of a retrospective in order to try and bolster my flagging modeling spirits – you may have noticed the lack of posts recently.

I originally painted these Imperial Guard vehicles at the end of 2003 and I think they look pretty reasonable, despite the fact I seem to have had some odd preference for applying far too much chestnut ink wash and the decal work is a little shoddy!

Imperial Guard Basilisk Crew The venerable Imperial Guard Basilisk is quite a nice 40k model, or at least it was when it was reasonably priced. Nothing shouts Imperial Guard more than a great big dirty artillery piece. In fact I deliberately left the rather crude gun shield to show off the Basilisk’s gun and breech. Personally I think the model looks better without that vast sheet of plastic glued on.

One down side is the Basilisk model doesn’t come with crew, however I evidently scrounged a couple of old metal Cadians. I suspect they’re actually from the metal kit to convert a Chimera into a Griffon mortar carrier (that’s GW’s spelling not mine).

Dusting off my Imperial Guard makes me want to have a game or two of 40k again, as long as it’s not against the bloody Tau. The latest edition of 40k is actually an improvement in terms of game play, however the Tau have some serious balance issues I believe. I’d say this is almost self evident judging from the number of Tau armies you see around these days.

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