15mm Building Facade Released

15mm building facade 15mm building facade Tabletop Terrain is proud to announce the release of our first 15mm scale building facade for WWII, Vietnam and Modern wargaming, selling for $13.95us per copy.

This detailed, single piece facade measures 14.5cm tall x 9.5cm (5 7/10″ x 3 7/10″) and is designed to represent the frontage of a 1930’s style two story building, with a ground floor cafe or store. Each is carefully cast in Ultracal 30, a high strength gypsum cement from US Gypsum. Please click included images for larger versions.

The facade can be used to represent an intact building, or can be drilled, sanded and cracked to make a bomb blasted ruin as displayed. Doors, windows and the floor level spacing have all been created with 15mm wargaming figures in consideration.

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