Tabletop Terrain Brochure

Tabletop Terrain brochure Jonathan, one of my gaming mates happens to be a graphics designer by trade. He recently put together a brochure (pdf link) for my 15mm war gaming products.

From memory this was originally inspired by ongoing discussions amoungst us about attending one of the various gaming tournaments that are happening in New Zealand in 2007.

Ahem, not that I’ve personally made it to any yet! I’m primarily a hobbyist and secondarily a gamer, and to be honest I’m pretty dreadful at most of the games I play, except possibly Mordheim.

Anyway, thanks for the snazzy brochure Jonathan! I should get some printed and actually start attending tournaments so I can take them along.

I’m also quietly wondering if you’ve ever considered creating a tabletop game and publishing a PDF rulebook since you’ve obviously got the skills required for just such an endeavor.

You can also get in touch with Jonathan if you’re interested in having some freelance graphic design done.

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