Learning to Airbrush II

Ebob Opel Blitz

Continuing my previous post about trying to master the airbrush I’ve applied some more paint to the Ebob Miniatures Opel Blitz.

I’ve dabbed on Marmite and then oversprayed the original rust colour with Tamiya Dark Yellow (from a can) and then Citadel’s Bleached Bone (through the airbrush). I’ve then waited for it all to dry and scrubbed the truck down with warm water and an old toothbrush. This is the result.

The rust effect is a little ham fisted but I think it’ll work. It’s far too stark now and I need to overspray some dust tone to flatten the whole effect out. That’s assuming I can figure out how to get a decent ‘mist’ effect out of my cheap airbrush. Failing that I wonder if some careful drybrushing would work just as well.

I’ve still got to paint the tires, the cab interior and the back tray as you can see, but that’s probably not more than an evening at the paint station. So I’ll hopefully get around to it this week sometime.

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