15mm Round Window Frames

15mm Round Window Frames Last year I scratch built a set of 15mm rectangular windows that were eventually used in the master for the 1930’s building facade.

This evening I’ve just demolded the first resin casts for two varieties of rounded windows that I intend to use for other building facades. Excuse the pink, I just needed a non-white background for the quick photo.

These were surprisingly difficult to master, particularly that arched window. The curves in both windows were made entirely from multiple layers of green stuff with shaping and sanding in between. I probably would have been better off cutting a template from plasticard for the arch and building that up instead.

Now I just need to cast a handful of them and I can start building up a master for a second facade. The plan is to build several styles and heights of facade and cast up an entire suburb for a 15mm urban European table.

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