Pulp Heroes

Copplestone Castings Pulp Adventuress Despite the fact I planned to paint in 2007 I seem to have spent the bulk of my modelling time mastering 15mm terrain so far – and it’s March!

Ah well, I have at least painted two 28mm Pulp Heroes from Copplestone Castings. Here’s a poor photo of the dame I painted. I’ve also finished a double pistol wielding chap who looks an awful lot like Brendan Frasier’s character from The Mummy, but you don’t get to see him because I took an even worse photo of that figure alas.

I have a couple more heroes to paint and I’ll have enough done to foil the plans of those Germans I painted in 2006. Then it’s on to the 1:56th vehicles and Baluchi Zombies still cluttering up my gaming cupboard.

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