So Much for Resolutions

Obelisk Miniatures Hyena After two months of sticking to my 2007 New Year’s resolution of not purchasing any new figures and simply painting what I have, I’ve finally cracked. Frankly I found that by stopping my figure purchases I seem to have killed a good part of the enjoyment I get from this hobby: ie. shiny new toys arriving in the post regularly.

So this week I’ve placed orders with:

Obelisk Miniatures for their ‘Darkest African Fantasies: Wildlife Deal 2’ which combines their Baboon and Hyena packs.

These great little figures should give me plenty of dangerous wildlife for Pulp adventurers to stumble across in ruined Egyptian temple complexes. For some reason unleashing a troupe of unnaturally savage Baboons or a pack of chuckling Hyenas on the players strikes me as great fun!

Via Old Glory from WestWind’s Chaos in Cairo I’ve also ordered: The Servants of Set, Cairo Civilians and Cairo Civilians with cart.

I’ve been looking for some suitable Cairo civvies for a while now. They’ll be useful as plain civilians in a busy city street for those Indiana Jones style crowd scenes, plus as assorted untrustworthy guides, pick pockets and rogues to harass the players with. The Servants of Set I picked up on a whim really, just because they look like great cultist figures. The scale of these figures looks a little smaller than the Copplestone Castings heroes and Artizan Design Germans I already have but that’ll be fine since the heroes and villains should be ‘larger than life’ anyway.

At any rate that’s the end of my Pulp spending. I’ve got plenty of wildlife, heroes, villains and vehicles to paint up and game with. I intend to try putting together another little mini Pulp campaign later this year.

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