Captured British 15cwt Lorries

Captured 15cwt Lorries I’m attempting to finish up some of the odds and sods that have been cluttering up my paint station for months now. First off are these two British 15 cwt lorries I need as transport for my NZer 25pdr gun platoon.

As I also intend to use them as captured transports for my DAK Panzergrenadiers I embedded a couple of rare earth magnets in the bonnets and sculpted some simple green stuff aerial recognition flags. These flags are built around some cut down staples so stick quite firmly to the bonnets during gaming. However they can easily be removed by lifting with a fingernail to liberate the captured lorries.

British 15cwt Lorries Look closely at the left flag and you’ll see it doesn’t wrap around the bonnet that well, that’s because it was sculpted over the front of a British Quad gun tractor. I’ve a couple of Quads left to paint and thought I might as well make them ‘captureable’ as well.

Also if you look closely at the right lorries’ bonnet you’ll spot the botched job I made of patching the hole I dropped the magnet into. Ah well, it’s only really visible because of the over scale photos.

Once I’ve painted the two Quads I’ll be able to limber my NZ four gun 25pdr platoon and drive them all over the desert, as well as have mechanised transport for my DAK Panzergrenadier platoon – err when I get around to painting them!

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