Pulp Painting: Zombie and Camels

Obelisk Miniatures Baluchi Zombie I’m still slowly trying to clear some space on my paint station for new figures. First I’ve managed to paint one whole Obelisk Miniatures Baluchi Zombie! Not bad considering they’ve been sitting on the paint station since December.

The figure was an enjoyable paint and actually fairly quick once I knuckled down to it. I really must paint the rest of them up because they’ll look great as a finished group. I think I’ll vary the skin tones a little too and have a mixture of brown, leathery desiccated dead’uns and some with the more classic green foetid zombie look. Maybe they drowned in a well or ate some bad dates instead of expiring under the desert sun.

Ebob Miniatures Camels Continuing to paint outstanding figures I also finished the Ebob Camels in a frenzy of drybrushing. I’ve had these ready to paint since September last year too.

I never did get around to sculpting a saddle for either of them, but now they’re painted at least they can appear on the tabletop. I guess there’s also nothing stopping me from adding a removable saddle at a later date. I’ll just wrap one of them in shrink wrap and slap a blob of green stuff over the shoulders and build a saddle up on that once it’s set.

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