The Big List of RPG Plots

I’m struggling to come up with creative ideas for the next Pulp .45 Adventure campaign for my gaming mates. The first campaign we played was a touch long at five individual scenarios, so I’m shooting for a simpler three scenario mini campaign this time. I’m also thinking of cleaving to the three act dramatic structure and possibly adding some kind of arch villain or group that can appear and re-appear in later campaigns.

Anyway, while scouring the web for scenario ideas I stumbled across this gem: The Big List of RPG Plots. Numbering the list entries appropriately (11 to 34) and tossing 2d6 (reds high) around is a great way to jog the old imagination and come up with some ideas for campaigns. There’s even a handy PDF version that you can download and print out.

The Big List author, S. John Ross, is a professional game designer with an impressive history. He’s also got a bunch of other nifty, RPG related stuff on his Cumberland Games and Diversions site.

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