Pulp Painting: Zombies and Baboon

Obeliski Miniatures Baluchi Zombies Continuing on the quest to paint as many outstanding figures as possible in 2007, here’s a couple more Obelisk Miniatures Baluchi Zombies I finished this week. As always they’re not stellar paint jobs, but passable for gaming pieces. I really should try display painting something one day.

Obelisk Miniatures Baboon There’s three more standing Baluchi Zombies left to paint, and they’ve all got to at least the base coating stage so I’ll hopefully have them all ready for a group photo by mid April. A couple of these figures will end up with a green flesh paint scheme too, as I mentioned in the last Pulp post. Then I’ll definitely have to paint up the two mounted Baluchi Zombies I have too before getting stuck into the Cairo street crowd.

Sticking with Obelisk figures I’ve also quickly painted my first Baboon. It was a bit of a botch job to be honest as the initial ink wash was far too heavy. Even so these Baboons are pretty quick to paint. Primed, base coated Graveyard Earth and a 50/50 mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black for the muzzle, ears and feet. Flesh wash ink wash and a touch of highlighting on the dark flesh and around the face and teeth of course. I’ve got another four ready to detail and varnish right now.

I’m thinking of applying a dab of gloss varnish to the mouth too for saliva. The animal skull on the base is from one of FreeBooter Miniatures skull accessory packs.

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