Pulp Painting: Baboons and Bull Mastiffs

Baboons and Bull Mastiff I’m still painting Pulp figures for a new campaign. Here we have four more Obelisk Miniatures Baboons and a lone Bull Mastiff from Celtos that’s been kicking around my paint table since I reviewed his parent figure for Tabletop Gaming News.

Frankly I’m glad to have him finished because I had a bit of a mental block regarding how to paint dog skin. Still I think he turned out alright in the end. I also applied a little gloss varnish to his nose, teeth and eyes for a healthy shine.

Gentlemen Adventurers Adding the four Baboons to the leader I painted earlier and I’ve got a troupe of angry primates ready to terrorize my hapless adventurers. I’m sure by now they’re all expecting my next campaign to be packed full with angry Baboons.

The other reason the mastiff figure has been lurking on my paint station is because I wanted to play him as a Grade 1 “Heroic Dog” in Pulp .45 Adventure. To be honest I think the Heroic Dog is undervalued, particularly since he moves quicker than most Heroes and has the “Keen Senses” ability which potentially allows him to peek at encounter markers before they’re revealed.

Here’s a little group photo of my own father/son team with their faithful hound. Now I just have to convince one of my gaming buddies to write some scenarios of their own so I can play Pulp .45 myself!

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