Handmade Tool Roll

Handmade Tool Roll My dear wife made this tool roll for me during the weekend. Made from a hard wearing denim its got lots of pockets of various widths and is very handy.

I used to keep everything in two old “Jimbos” pet food containers, one for the sculpting tools and one for the paintbrushes. I’ve filled the tool roll with my collection of rusty, stained sculpting tools and having them all in one place and arranged in an easy to find manner is very nice. The chance of stabbing yourself in the hand is also greatly reduced when fishing around for tools.

She also stitched my initials on the outside of the tool roll – after I made a joke about wanting it monogrammed. However you don’t get to see those because that might give away too much information and reveal my secret identity. Plus I neglected to take a decent shot of the whole lot rolled up.

Now I just need to ask her nicely to create another for my various OO and OOO paintbrushes…

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