Planning Second 15mm Building Facade

15mm Second Facade What! It’s almost May already? I meant to have several 15mm facades mastered by now, but I’ve only just got around to planning my second over the weekend!

This one will be both shorter, with only one full upper storey and narrower, with thinner columns, than my first 15mm facade. It’s intended to represent another European building, although possibly older than 1930’s. Here’s the 1:1 sketch plan for measurement next to a cast of the earlier facade. Those black spots are spilled ink I accidently flicked across my work area.

I’ve placed the sketch next to a cast facade to get some idea of what they’ll look like together, because of course I want to line up my casts into shelled out streets at some point, hopefully before the end of 2007!

1930's Facade Inspiration In terms of trim it’ll be a little simpler than the first facade, although I do still need to master the thin vertical columns, and a couple of decorative side pieces for the portico. I plan to use these pieces for front detailing on later buildings too. I’m also using the newer curved and arched window frames. I’ve cut that arched window down ready to drop into the cast wall.

Casting the master wall will be interesting because I want to copy the building I’m using for inspiration and have quite a curved arch around the top window. I suspect I’ll be making the master wall mold inside a cut foam board frame to keep everything in place for pouring.

The original building in the backstreets of Auckland City has a very European feel, particularly with the boxy roof/attic area you can see behind the top window. I’ll be emulating that in the terrain piece I build from the first cast, going for a partially shelled Normandy town building…

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