28mm Pulp Crates

28mm Pulp Crates I’ve been looking for a decent set of cheap 28mm scale crates for a while. I picked up a few white metal crates from Ebob Miniatures mid 2006, unfortunately being ‘true’ 28mm scale I found them a little small for my tastes.

Being the tight fisted individual I am, I finally snapped and spent an evening earlier this week building crate masters from scraps of foam card, 1mm balsa and plasti-card. Then I molded them overnight and cast several sets in resin during the mid-week Anzac day holiday here in New Zealand.

The photo shows the three styles of crate I mastered, two quite similar crates, one with supports on top and sides, and one with supports just on the top, and one more complex metal reinforced crate. For comparison I’ve piled them up next to a couple of Artizan Design DAK sentries and a set of partially painted Ebob white metal crates – those are the small brown crates in the foreground.

I’m very happy with the results and hope to cast around 15 sets of them before the resin damages the mold beyond use. I’ll probably also use some of the individual casts to build larger stacks of crates that I’ll mold and cast in Ultracal 30. Crate stacks would be handy for all kinds of Pulp gaming: ammo dumps, dock-sides, Nazi u-boat bases, dusty warehouses etc.

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