28mm Pulp Crates Painted and Stacked

28mm Pulp Crates Painted It’s been quiet on here this week, but I’ve managed to paint some of my singular resin 28mm Pulp crates. The basic crates are pretty easy to paint with some basic drybrushing, but the metal edged crates understandably required a little more effort.

I’m very happy with the results, although it turns out their surface is a little too textured to paint DAK palm tree stencil onto them. Hmmm, does anybody happen to know where I can get some good 28mm/1:45th scale WWII DAK palm tree transfers?

28mm Crate Stacks I’ve also mastered some crate stacks, molded and cast them in Ultracal 30 for quickly producing a large number of crates.

Unfortunately this isn’t the best photo to show the three separate crate stack masters I created – I shouldn’t have stacked them up so much! The fine detail isn’t quite as good as resin of course, but once painted and stacked I doubt they’ll be any noticeable difference between the two sets, particularly if you mix in a few single resin crates.

Once I’ve cast a few sets up and painted some demo stacks I’ll post them up for sale here with better shots of the individual stacks. I aim to do this over the weekend so stay tuned!

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