28mm Pulp Crates Pricing

28mm Crate Stacks Painted While I originally created these 28mm crates for my Pulp gaming, several people have expressed an interest in purchasing a set. So here’s a question for anybody that cares to comment:

What would you pay (US$) for three large crate stacks AND three individual crates?

There are also two options for casting materials: Ultracal 30 or Polyurethane resin. Ultracal 30 is a very hard plaster/cement mix with good surface detail. I use it for most of my terrain because it’s cheaper than resin, durable and easy to cast with. Polyurethane resin is lighter, considerably more expensive and more toxic to cast with. It’s one redeeming feature is it won’t chip at all, which can occur with Ultracal 30 pieces if you’re particularly abusive during gaming. So, another question:

If you’re interested, would you prefer more expensive resin casts, or cheaper Ultracal ones?

I ask because frankly I’m a garage caster and find that casting and shipping small pieces like this can be rather a hassle. However naturally that depends on what people are willing to pay for this sort of thing. Anyway, now’s the chance to weigh in with your opinion!

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