Pulp Painting: A Mixed Bag

Pulp Painted Figures Playing ASL via PBeM has been a constant distraction since I discovered VASL, but I have managed to complete three whole Pulp figures recently! It’s a bit of a mixed bag though as I try and clear work off my paint station.

From the left we have: a Copplestone Castings American Adventurer, an Obelisk Miniatures Baluchi Zombie and another West Wind Cairo civilian.

The American Adventurer, despite obviously being armed with a BAR (I regret not drilling out the barrel) has ended up as a rather Teutonic looking blonde.

The Baluchi Zombie was one of the few I’ve based green rather than brown and although I’m not entirely sure I like the final result at least he’ll differ from the others! I only have two more of these to go and I’ll have finished the standing Baluchi Zombies. The mounted Zombies have been primed and base coated so far.

Finally that humble looking Cairo civilian was probably the hardest to paint of the lot. That blue cloak he sports has about three different strata of paint and ink washing built up over it. The final coat is passable, but I probably should have done a little more highlighting because it looks a little dull now I’ve matt varnished the figure. That gives me a whopping total of four Cairo civilians I’ve got painted so far.

Ah well, at least I have cleared some space on the paint table!

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