Pulp Crate Decals

Pulp Crates Decalled After my failed attempts to paint tiny versions of the DAK palm tree swastika on my painted 28mm crates, Wayswatcher on the Back of Beyond forums was kind enough to suggest using decals from I-94 Enterprises. Specifically he recommended the GR-110 set which is designed for 15mm-20mm DAK armies.

However I’m an impatient man, and rather than ordering some decals from I-94 and waiting for them to arrive I simply trimmed some from my Flames of War 15mm DAK decal set and used them instead. I only experimented with three individual crates as you can see above but they don’t look too bad at all in my opinion. Unfortunately I can’t spare any more FOW decals because I need them for my DAK tanks!

I am however heartily sick of casting, painting and varnishing 28mm scale crates so it’s time to move on, possibly to that 28mm luggage I’ve half sculpted!

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