Assembling 1:35th Dragon Fallschirmjager

Dragon 1:35th Fallschirmjager Just to keep my modeling hand in while our household settles into a routine with the new baby I’ve been slowly assembling the Dragon 1:35th Fallschirmjager I bought in May.

It’s odd but I derive more pleasure from assembling things than actually painting them, and since I’ve moved away from Games Workshop products I’ve been missing that part of the hobby a little. I’ve certainly enjoyed assembling the two Fallschirmjager gentlemen I’ve put together so far and despite the large number of pieces involved they do go together well. Although for maximum effect I’ll be puttying over the seams prior to priming. Particularly around the base of their jump smocks which for some odd reason are made up from a handful of tiny scraps of plastic.

Once they’re together they look great! The level of detail is very impressive, even on the basic figures. By the time I’ve got around to adding all their extra equipment in the form of canteens, pouches, ammo etc. they’re going to be rather a challenge to paint! I have a vague idea about trying to build a little diorama in a cheap photo frame using a couple of the figures and a drop cannister, but we’ll see if that ever comes to fruition!

Fallschirmartz (aka Hugo) was kind enough to send me some great photos of his own finished 1:35th figures and they look great. You definitely need to get them up on your site Hugo!

In general things are slowly settling down in the house so I hope to resume my normal twice-weekly posting on here shortly. I’m also trying to get my gaming mates back into the cold old garage for some dice rolling next week and I find having a game or two always recharges the hobbyist batteries!

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