Cairo Table for Luggage, Lost

Cairo Pulp Game Table I’ve got the scenario ready and I’ve got some pulp luggage, so here’s a test 4’x4′ Cairo layout using my Flames of War desert terrain boards, collection of painted Crescent Root Studios buildings and some printed paper tracks from Eric Hotz’s Whitewash City range.

You can spot the 2’x2′ terrain boards because my young son Callum jostled the top corner out of alignment while I was taking photos. Mind you he was busy dive bombing Cairo with a British WWII balsa glider at the time!

Cairo Pulp Game Table It’s looking good for gaming over, but lacks the claustrophobic alley feel I want, so I’m in the process of ordering some of the CRS 28mm stone walls that go with these buildings. Of course they’ll arrive some time after we kick the campaign off, but they’ll be useful in the future.

Here’s a close up of the ‘train station’ with two teams of adventurers freshly disembarked and wondering where their luggage has got to! I’ve got four more Cairo civilians and a handful of 28mm luggage to paint and I’ll be ready to play the scenario. This time I’ll also try and get some decent in-progress shots as we game too.

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