Flames of War 6pdr Battery

Flames of War 6pdrs I’m still working to clear outstanding bits and pieces off my paint table. Since I started playing Flames of War I’ve owned a British portee unit with four 6pdr guns. However in the first edition of Flames of War I found them very wanting as they’re basically middling anti-tank guns on the back of incredibly flimsy transports. They never excelled in a fixed AT role, and were too brittle to actually use as portees…particularly when you’re trying to hunt tanks! Consequentially they’ve gathered dust in my garage for almost exactly two years.

Flames of War 6pdr Battery However with the arrival of Flames of War 2nd Edition portees gained a valuable new ‘Tip and Run’ rule which means they behave the same way most German units do with their ‘Stormtrooper’ (aka ‘Sneaky Weasel’) move. If they pass a skill test they get an additional 4″ move in the Assault phase, typically behind some nearby terrain!

This makes them considerably more useful, and as such I’m painting them up to go with the rest of my New Zealanders. I’ve painted the last two guns and teams and I’m halfway through painting up the last two portees as well. Here’s the full battery sans transports. It’s interesting to notice how much shinier the old units are, I really should go back through my army and hit everything with a dusting of Moana matt varnish.

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