28mm Pulp Luggage Painted

28mm Pulp Luggage Painted Having sculpted, molded and resin cast my luggage pieces I have finally applied paint to several sets of them. Here they are arranged with my usual Pulp figures and Crescent Root buildings.

I imagine Herr Doktor has recently arrived with his crated laboratory supplies and personal luggage, and is suggesting the Unterscharfuehrer move it inside out of the dust. The hatbox and parcel tied with twine contain gifts for his mistress in Cairo of course.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting these pieces, which is odd because there’s almost nothing to them. I think the red carpet bag and brown leather Doctor’s bag turned out very nicely, as did the middle brown suitcase. Although somehow I ended painting the suitcase to the left a little too close to flesh tone and it looks strange to me. Mind you who’s to say a Pulp Nazi Doktor of the Occult wouldn’t sport luggage made from what looks suspiciously like human skin?

28mm Pulp Luggage Painted The pieces are of course quite small and very light being cast in resin, so may be a touch fiddly to game with. I suspect the best option might be to blu-tack them down to figure bases for the ‘Luggage, Lost’ scenario I hope to play soon, providing I can get some of my gaming buddies together!

I’ve had enough Pulp for a while, so may move my focus to one of my other many outstanding sculpting projects, the second 15mm scale building facade. I’ve actually made a fair bit of progress on it already and it sits at about 40% complete, I’ve just got bogged down in mastering some detail pieces for the vertical columns and decorative trim…

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