Pulp Painting: Cairo Crowd II

Painted Pulp Cairo Crowd Another three figures moved off the paint station! This time more of the Cairo crowd of beggars and street vendors.

They’re a pretty motley bunch and frankly they were speed painted. More astute visitors may spot that several of them appear to be missing their eyeballs. That’s simply because I couldn’t be bother painting them on as these gentlemen will always be second rate characters in any Pulp games we play. Not to mention the fact the ragged chap on the left looks like he could be blind anyway.

The vendor on the right is an interesting figure. I’m not sure what he’s supposed to be selling. Quills of cinnamon bark? expired celery? camel jerky? Whatever it is, he doesn’t look too thrilled to be hawking it in the noon-day sun.

The central swami figure is easily my favourite of these three, mainly because he has a well sculpted face and his seated pose nicely suggests some kind of seer or fortune teller. I also enjoyed painting his folded turban, cloak and robes so his is basically the best paint job of the three.

My paint station is starting to look positively bare and in terms of painting I think it might finally be time to knock that Ebob Opel Blitz on the head!

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