More Artizan Design Pulp Figures

Artizan Pulp Casablanca Artizan Designs recently released another batch of figures in their Pulp Thrilling Tales range. Amongst those figures were these two chaps who are clearly ‘inspired’ by Rick Blaine and Captain Renault from that classic film: “Casablanca“.

As a long standing fan of Humphrey Bogart, Film Noir, and Casablanca in particular I couldn’t resist picking up these figures. Although to be honest I’m unsure about what use they’ll be to me in my Cairo Pulp setting. Perhaps I should start thinking about building nightclub interiors! The first thing I’ll need is a 28mm scale upright piano of course. Hmm actually that wouldn’t be too hard to master either…

Artizan Pulp Villains Two figures seemed too modest an order so I threw more figures into the mix. In particular I grabbed a selection of suitably evil metals as I feel my Pulp games have been lacking a demented arch villain who repeatedly escapes burning staff cars, collapsing bunkers, falls into bottomless ravines etc. Hopefully one of these chaps (from left to right) will suffice once painted:

  • A syringe wielding mad scientist with metal face plate and prosthetic fist (the details are hard to see in the photos but are well done on the figure).
  • Artizan’s ‘Herr Todt’ figure, straight out of the first Indiana Jones movie.
  • A stern German officer that looks a little like Colonel Klink from Hogan’s Heroes. Although hopefully he’s a little more competent than Klink!

As always Artizan Design’s figures are superbly sculpted, finely cast and a joy to receive in the post. Figures from several of their ranges form the bulk of my Pulp gaming collection and I fully expect to be purchasing more from them in the future. I can’t recommend Artizan enough really!

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