EBob Opel Blitz Painted

Ebob Opel Blitz Painted I’ve finally got around to working on one of the Ebob Opel Blitzes that has been lurking on my paint station for over a year. I’ve finished and varnished the cab, but the back tray still needs a little work. Mind you I like the model without the tray. It looks like an abandoned junker – perhaps street Arabs have stolen the wood for their cooking fires?

The windows were done with blister plastic, unfortunately I glued them in before varnishing the vehicle and of course the matt varnish fogged them up nicely. This is a little annoying, particularly since I’d painted the interior but it’s not bad enough to drive me to re-work them.

Pulp Cairo Crowd Next vehicle off the block (hopefully before 2007 closes) is at least one 1/56th Bolt Action Sdkfz-222 armored car. Then I can stage a lovely Pulp .45 Adventure scenario with the heroes fleeing through Cairo with Germans in hot pursuit! The number plate is also a nod to George Lucas (of the Lucas/Spielberg partnership that bought us the Indiana Jones movies). In Arabic it’s meant to read ‘11380’. I had to add the zero to fill the plate!

This weekend I’ve also knocked off two more figures for my Cairo crowd. A seated swami playing with his snakes (or noodles? hard to tell) and a suitably attired Egyptian woman. Not the most stellar paint jobs but fine for the gaming table.

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