Bolt Action Miniatures Sdkfz 222 Painted

Bolt Action Miniatures Sdkfz222 Scout Car Painted Over the weekend I painted up one of the two Bolt Action Miniatures 1/56th German Scout Cars I own for Pulp gaming. This has to be something of a record for me since I’ve owned these minis for less than a year!

It was also an exercise in speed painting since I wanted the armored car for Tuesday night’s game. I finished it in time but we ended up postponing the game until next fortnight. Ah well, that’ll give me plenty of time to finish off the scenario and a few more figures I need too. The car was painted in a similar technique to the to EBob Opel Blitz I recently finished as well. The spade is actually from that Opel and the small canvas roll (for engine work I imagine) is sculpted from green stuff.

After priming a rust coating was airbrushed on, followed by an ink wash and a dash of Marmite dabbed on with a torn makeup sponge. The whole lot was then painted Tamiya Flat Desert Yellow from a spray can and left to dry before scrubbing down in warm water with a toothbrush. Drybrushing and detail painting followed.

I’m not entirely happy with the cannon and MG as they look a little flat, but overall it bears up fairly well for a rushed weekend paint job I think. I may go back over it and apply some paint chips and exposed metal scratches to contrast the ‘rust’ patches.

The vehicle is also missing markings of any sort for two reasons. Firstly I couldn’t find any reference photos that displayed the markings used on these light scout cars during WWII. Secondly it’s for Pulp gaming in the wierd, vaguely defined inter-war 30’s Egyptian setting I typically force everybody to game in – so Balkenkreuz might be a little inappropriate.

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