Pulp Tramp Steamer IV

Scratch Built Pulp Steamer Bow The informal Pulp Tramp Steamer competition over at the Lead Adventure forums closed a couple of days ago, with my ship being one of the three that were submitted at the end. Here’s bow and stern shots of the steamer as of last weekend with 28mm figures and crates for scale.

I haven’t added much since my previous post because it was my eldest son’s 4th birthday last weekend as well. I did manage to make some ladder-work made from cut and filed chicken wire. As well as simple fore and aft deck cranes make from dowel, cut bamboo skewers, sewing thread and a few brass ship building bits and pieces. Finally I applied some 1mm plasti-card around the wheelhouse windows to represent framing.

Scratch Built Pulp Steamer Bow What I’d still like to do is master and resin cast doors and portholes to fill those blank spaces in the cabin walls. The steamer also needs at least one anchor which I can attach with some brass jeweler’s chain I have in my bits box. The whole vessel also has to be painted after that too which could be interesting!

Overlord and Neldoreth (the other contestents) managed to get more detailing done on their ships and I’ll be happily borrowing some of their ideas to complete mine! I’ve also nabbed a few of their photos from the forum for later reference as I often find forum posts often fade away after a while, leaving you with nothing but dead links.

Rich from Rattrap Productions was also kind enough to actually offer up prizes for the contest! Apparently he’s sending out a pack of Brigade Games ‘Tramp Steamer Crews’ to each entrant which is damned generous of him imho! Thanks Rich!

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