Poll Roundup: Where Do You Game the Most?

Where Do You Game the Most?

* 52% (83) – At Home?
* 18% (29) – At Friend’s Homes?
* 16% (26) – At Local Stores?
* 12% (19) – At Local Gaming Clubs?
* 2% (4) – At Tournaments?

Total Votes: 161

As I’ve started another poll, I’d better roundup the previous one. In retrospect this probably wasn’t the most interesting poll question to answer. Of course most people game at home like myself because it’s simply the most convenient. It’s also no surprise that more people game in-store than in clubs, because of course there’s typically more gaming stores than there are gaming clubs!

As an older gamer (almost 40) I also derive more pleasure from gaming with relaxed friends my own age than I suspect I would gaming with angry, testosterone filled youths at a local store. But perhaps that’s a slightly blinkered attitude! I will admit I have considered packing up some Pulp figures and terrain and trying to get a few demo games going in local stores on their regular game nights.

I am surprised to see the four people that game the most at tournaments! They are presumably hard-core gamers with legions of well painted figures at their call. Something that I doubt I’ll ever aspire to, particularly since I’m such a slow painter and I live in New Zealand, where gaming tournaments tend to be fairly small, semi-formal affairs. For a decent GW sponsored torney for example I’d have to fly to Aussie.

Visitors may have noticed this blog is a little quiet again…all I can say is blame Valve and their ‘Orange Box’ deal!

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