Poll Roundup: Which Unfinished Project Next?

Which Unfinished Project Next?

* 26% (28) – Mordheim Cathedral
* 18% (19) – Second Facade
* 17% (18) – DAK Germans
* 11% (12) – Vampire Tower
* 9% (9) – Mordheim Church
* 8% (9) – Dragon Paratroopers
* 7% (8) – Carthaginians
* 5% (5)- Early Romans

Total Votes: 108

In the immortal words of Bill the Cat: Ack!

I should have know when I started this poll that you, my gentle visitors would vote for the largest, most complex outstanding project I have in the garage. I can only think you’re mostly Hirst Arts fans, or you’re mostly sadists!

At any rate I’m closing this poll with my Hirst Arts Cathedral project being the clear winner, followed by the second 15mm building facade. I’ve started working on the Cathedral again and hope to have the basic floor glued down this week, naturally I’ll post that once it’s done.

Unfortunately, despite the fact the last poll was an effort to pick an existing unfinished project to complete, I’ve just started another new project! Fortunately this one will be fairly quick to do and has a strict deadline. I’ll post about that this week too.

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