FOW: Three Month Painting Challenge

Flames of War Painting Challenge My regular gaming group has got back into Flames of War in the last couple of months, so it’s time to paint some of our outstanding 15mm forces.

To motivate ourselves we’re putting a friendly painting challenge together: Each person has three months to paint the following:

  • Three platoons – preferably an HQ, Combat platoon and Support Platoon, but any three outstanding unpainted platoons will do.
  • Or

  • 750 points of figures, or vehicles or platoons.

The idea is to paint the core of a new army, and three platoons or 750pts is half of a 1500pt army! If you’re painting three platoons that also means you can aim to finish one each month of the challenge.

To give people some prep-time for assembling and basing their figures prior to starting the challenge we’re starting the challenge on the first of February. I’m also posting the challenge up here on the blog as an open invitation to any Flames of War gamers visiting to join the challenge.

One thing we will need from anybody that does want to join in is documentary evidence in the form of digital photos. We really only need two photos – one of your unpainted forces at the start, and one of the painted forces at the end! But I’m always keen to see in-progress photos myself.

Personally I need to get some paint on my assembled and mostly primed DAK Armored Company, that’s what you see in the photo above. I’ll be painting the following three platoons:

  1. HQ: Two IIIj Late Panzers.
  2. Combat: Three IIIj Late Panzers.
  3. Support: Divisional Heavy AA Gun Platoon (88’s!). Unlimbered only although I should get their transports painted too.

I’m considering throwing in a few prizes to motivate people if they’re interested. I was thinking either one of our 15mm straight trench kits, or a 15mm 1930’s building facade. Would that help people complete the challenge?

So who’s in?!

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