FOW: Three Month Painting Challenge II

DAK Panzers I continue to make slow progress on the Panzers for the three month painting challenge – distracted somewhat by a recent PC gaming purchase.

Here’s all the Panzers and new Tiger for my DAK force spray painted using a simple weathering technique. It’s a little hard to see in this night-time photo, but they’ve all been based Tamiya German Gray, spattered with Marmite (using a ripped up makeup sponge purloined from my wife’s bedside table) and then sprayed over with Tamiya Dark Yellow. Once the top coat was dry the tanks were soaked in hot, soapy water and then scrubbed down with an old toothbrush. The Marmite disolves, lifting the top coat away to reveal the German Gray underneath. The effect is probably most obvious on the hulking great Tunisian Tiger 1E by looking at the turret top and 88 barrel for example. A couple of people over in the Flames of War forum expressed interest in the technique so I’ll try getting a photo tutorial together shortly.

For the challenge I only need to paint five of the Panzers but thought I might as well hit all the tanks with the technique at once to save some spray paint. I’ve also block painted and weathered the turrets of those five Panzers I need, although still have the turned out crew to paint and have a couple of the tank bodies ink washed too. I’ll post some more progress once I have some tanks completely painted. Of course I need to finish at least two this month to meet the challenge, but I’m fairly confident that’s achievable!

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