FOW: 15mm Zeltbahn Tent Variants

15mm Zeltbahn masters I sculpted the first one of these 15mm Zeltbahn tent masters way back in late 2005 and they’ve been kicking around my garage since then. Although I’m supposed to be painting Panzers I felt like doing a little sculpting so finished off two variants of the original tent this week.

One of the variants open on the other side, and the other is sculpted in two parts to represent an open sided tent. The idea is to cut a couple of thin pieces of 0.8mm wires and use them as poles to support the open side. I’ve placed the masters down next to a base of Flames of War German Panzergrenadiers.

I plan to mold these over the weekend and then try a few resin casts and build up a custom objective for my DAK Germans. Right, now these are out of the way it’s back to painting!

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