FOW: Inspirational Italian Table

Unfinished Armies Messina Table Unfinished Armies has recently posted up one of the most inspirational Flames of War gaming tables I’ve seen in a while. It’s simply a beautiful table that makes me wish I was a regular in their gaming group so I could play on it!

What I find slightly distressing about the table is that it cleverly combines a few simple ideas we’re all capable of as modelers. First there’s a basic modular table built up from textured strips of land, with several levels of hills. Over this are scattered a set of nicely painted but mostly fairly simple Italian style villas and various other removable pieces of scenery like telephone poles, bridges etc.

It’s the clever color choices and detail work in the trees and other ground cover like vineyards that really elevate the table imho. I don’t think I’ve seen such well executed trees on a Flames of War table in the past – some of them are even bearing fruit! Definitely worth checking our Tankred’s blog for this table as past blogs also document the step by step creation of the table.

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