Poll Roundup: Play a Collectible Miniature Game?

Would you play a Collectible Miniature Game?

* 71% (149) – Yes
* 29% (62) – No

I happily play a CCG (Collectible Card Game) amongst my friends, however CMGs (Collectible Miniature Games) like Pirates of the Spanish Main, Dreamblade and the recently announced Monsterpocalypse don’t really attract me at all. The problem with any collectible game was highlighted by the cancellation of Dreamblade late 2007. Once official support and tournaments for the game are gone, who really cares? Certainly you can still play the game yourself, but the money you’ve spent paying for rare and powerful figures or cards has been wasted because overnight their resale value becomes nil.

Also as a modeler I find the figures offered in CMGs universally poor in terms of casting and painting. Hence they have no intrinsic attraction that drives me to collect them. However it seems I’m in the minority in this respect judging from our last poll as two thirds of the visitors would happily play CMG games – which ones I wonder? Perhaps I’m not looking at the right games…

Our next poll relates to purchasing new games too. Locally here in New Zealand we’re facing something of an economic downturn, driven largely by the continued weakness of the greenback and the US sub-prime mortgage debacle which is driving local interest rates up, on the back of a bunch of 2007 hikes from our friendly reserve bank. This means salary earning mortgage holders like yours truly have been watching our spending in the last twelve months, and the first thing to get cut was hobby spending. Are you in the same boat?

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